A Summary of Hussain Sajwani’s Life

Family Background

The background of Hussain Sajwani is something that few discuss. People are only interested in talking about the success of the individuals.

Their roots are equally important. Hussain Sajwani was born in a very humble family. His parents were hardworking and did their best to sustain the needs of the family. Sajwani’s father had a shop, where he sold pens and watches. His mother sold fabrics to the local women.

Sajwani learned the struggles of making a venture successful from his father. He understood one had to be committed and he has used that knowledge all his life.

DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani was always interested in the real estate venture. To raise the capital he needed, he began with the catering business. He began the firm, two years after school. In the two years, he worked as a Contract Manager at GASCO.

In the 1990’s there was population inflation in Dubai as a result of business people in Emirates. He built hotels to accommodate the excess population.

In 2002, the DAMAC Owner realized that real estate in Dubai had not been explored and he began the DAMAC Properties. The firm has provided more than 20000 families with homes. The number is steadily increasing. DAMAC Properties also deals with commercial properties as well. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Crunchbase and Hussain Sajwani | Forbes

The DAMAC Owner is wealthy, and he has been seen giving out extravagant gifts to his clients like Lamborghinis.

Relationship with Donald Trump

The Hussain Sajwani family and that of Donald Trump have a personal relationship. The relationship stems from the business partnership of Sajwani and Trump. The two make a very solid team. Together, they made the Trump International Golf Club a success. Sajwani hopes that even with Trump assuming office, their business relationship will continue.

The Hussain family spend the New Year’s Eve together with Trump’s family. The latter recognized their presence and appreciated them.

Humanitarian Work

Hussain is a passionate giver. His humble upbringing partly influences his charity spirit. Sajwani supports the humanitarian organizations in Dubai. His last donation was AED two million, meant to clothe needy kids around the world. He encouraged other people in the meeting to contribute and support children.