Addressing the Issue of Title Defects

Over the past few years, title defects have hindered the smooth operation of the real estate market. Some people believe that these errors cause foreclosures while others associate them with the stagnation of assets transition in the secondary market. The NTC executives believe that property records guarantees a clear title conveyance and minimizes inability to foreclose or the risk of the buyback. NTC, an authority in document processing and research services for the financial and mortgage sector, has come up with strategies for making the process of acquiring property reports easy. Recently, the firm launched a well-structured and updated website that avails property reports online.

The common cause of title defect is when an individual or an organization claim possession of property, which is owned by another person. Other reasons include:

• Unclear statements in the document, which do not adhere to the area’s real estate standards

• Absence of a signature of someone that is essential to the transaction, like a spouse

• The presence of prior liens as well as other encumbrances (the title will only be marketable after elimination of all encumbrances.

• Declining to adhere to the filing or recording procedure when documenting real estate documents

The CEO of NTC, John Hillman, advises property owners to sort out the title defects before selling their properties. NTC has also availed several property reports via an online avenue as a strategy for promoting the growth of the mortgage sector. They include:

• Tax Status (Plus)Report

• Current Owner Report

• Assignment Verification Report Services

• Tax Status Report

Details on National Title Clearing

National Title Clearing (NTC) is a globally recognized provider of remarkable research and document processing services. It serves a pool of loyal clients comprised of individual and corporate investors such as financial institutions, servicers, and mortgage lenders. Headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida, the service provider has earned customers’ loyalty due to its ability to provide research services of the highest level of quality and document processing, which sets new standards in the industry. The firm’s exceptional services have protected homeowners, promoted the growth of the mortgage-banking sector, and preserved the United States’ land records.

Diversified portfolio

NTC has survived numerous market shifts and economic recession since its inception in 1991 due to its diversified portfolio. The company offers property reports, assignment services, lien release services, final document tracking, land record research, as well as custom business solutions. It is one of the established and fastest growing firms in Tampa Bay. The company is expanding its operation in strategic cities throughout the U.S. This month, NTC will launch a new office in Dallas, TX, which will comprise of a new data center.

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