Anthony Petrello Contributes Towards Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL) Research

Anthony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries LTD, a role he has served impeccably since 2011. He has also served the oil and natural gas and geothermal drilling company as the president since 1992. Nabors Industries, based in Hamilton Bermuda provides offshore drilling services across the Americas, Far East, Middle East and Africa. As an affiliate of Nabors Exchangeco (Canada) Inc., the company also provides numerous support services for onshore and offshore oil drilling as well as well-servicing operations.

In his remarkable career, Anthony Petrello has also served the Baker and McKenzie law firm as the managing partner of the company’s New York office from 1986 to 1991. McKenzie’s career has been driven by absolute dedication which has seen him become one of the top paid bosses in the US. However in the year 2014, he failed to make it to the top list after Nabors Industries changed their corporate governance and compensation practices. This led to the split of his two roles as the Chairman of the Board and the CEO.

Anthony Petrello is known for his charitable deeds. He has contributed remarkably towards the research on Periventricular leukomalacia. PVL is a neurological disease common in premature infants. Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia got a daughter born with the condition. Driven by their love and goodwill, Anthony and Cynthia contributed towards seeing his daughter get better, and find a better way to fight the disease. Petrello’s daughter has made significant milestones in her health in her eight years of age. Tony said that it was sad to have numerous brain research institutes for adults and yet have no such facilities for kids. This is among the reasons that fuel Petrello‚Äôs dedication towards the actualization of the first of its kind research. Anthony has contributed over 7 million dollars and even more in commitments toward this research.

Anthony Petrello has also served on several boards memberships. Among his current roles include board member at Hillcorp Energy Co., Nabors Industries Ltd. as the chairman of the board, Nabors Industries Inc., as the Chairman of the boss and also the board member of Stewart and Stevenson. As of the Fiscal Year 2015, Anthony Petrello received a total of $27,512,939 as net compensation. Of which $1.58077 million was received as a salary, $16.863656 million as stock, and $1.342206 million came from other means.

Anthony Petrello has had an excellent career which has seen him rise to be one of America’s top bosses. His contribution in Nabors Industries saw the company acquire its globally leading position in the offshore oil drilling. Petrello has a remarkable track record which is further complemented by his outstanding education background. Anthony Petrello is a holder of a J.D degree from Harvard Law School as well as M.S and B.S degrees in Mathematics from the Yale University.

Mr. Petrello has excellent in what he does; he has displayed brilliance in all he does ranging from his professionalism to his contribution to charity.


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