Bernardo Chua Brings Cultures Together

Many people talk about creating truly global organizations, but only Organo Gold CEO Bernardo Chua actually backs up his talk with the real deal.

Every business school should study the structure of his Organo Gold company to learn about the best way to create a sustainable business. Somehow, Mr. Chua has been able to bring cultures together, allowing each to shine brightly.

Earth Herbal Miracles

Where do man-made pharmaceutical drugs come from? Aren’t some of the ingredients from nature, while others are created in artificial labs? While the promises of these synthetic drugs are quite dramatic, the real effects can be less than stellar or even harmful. Learn more about Bernardo Chua: and

Harmful side effects are one of the key problems with man-made drugs. Unfortunately, if you peruse the side effects of some of these man-made drugs, you might be quite alarmed at their seriousness. Some are quite debilitating and worse than the original problem, you are trying to treat. In, fact, you might need to take even more drugs to counter the side effects. Moreover, some of these drugs only have a history of a decade or so. They are unproven.

Compare that to Chinese Traditional Medicine (CTM). How can the nation with the largest population have survived so long, unless its remedies worked? One such remedy is the “Miraculous King of Herbs,” also known as the Lingzhi mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum).

In 2008, Mr. Chua and his company re-organized their organic, healthy coffee product line, made with this Lingzhi mushroom. The firm has merged East and West – Bernardo Chua was born in the Philippines, but now calls Canada his base.

Global Vision of Wellness

Shouldn’t all people be able to enjoy the best of Earth’s herbs? Yes. And that is the vision of Mr. Chua and Organo Gold. Starting early in the morning, those who drink Ganoderma coffee can try to improve their health, just like the Chinese have been doing for two millennia.

Bernardo Chua is better than the United Nations. He has brought diverse cultures together, focusing on a truly noteworthy goal: health & wellness. That is something, all can support!

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