Build A Career With The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard has been working with its growing list of Wine Guides to assist them in building a career of their own choice, which means an individual Wine Guide can make their own decisions about how much or how little they work at any time.

One of the major benefits of working with The Traveling Vineyard as a Wine Guide is the fact the only monthly fee payable is a small maintenance charge to keep the Internet presence of each Wine Guide active; The Traveling Vineyard does not require any Wine Guide’s to purchase large amounts of products they may not have already sold to their own customers.

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In fact, the only inventory required for a Wine Guide are the few sample bottles of wine that are used at each event organized in the home of a customer who brings their own friends to these parties. One of the most popular aspects of working with The Traveling Vineyard is the high level of information Wine Guides build up over their career with the company, with each new bottle of wine made available accompanied by a large amount of information and learning available on the region and the wine itself. Wine Guides can do much more than just work in the same role providing sales and information at parties, instead a successful guide will often move upwards through the company to assist inexperienced Wine Guides as they pass on their skills and experience built with the aid of The Traveling Vineyard.

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