Check Out The Great Free Service Plan From FreedomPop

The majority of people will end up switching phone companies over their lifetime, and the biggest reason why a person may choose to make the switch is because they’ve found better prices elsewhere. Many people are very concerned with what they pay for wireless services, especially since it’s something they need in their daily lives. The FreedomPop company has put together several different plans, whether it’s Internet service or cell phone service, and these plans are so low in cost that many will readily make the switch to FreedomPop. There are also free plans that are available from FreedomPop at no cost.


The main FreedomPop review will be about the free cell phone plan, which is still just as popular as it’s ever been. With the free plan upgrading to unlimited text messages, those who have the need for the extra text messages can now use as many as they want with this plan. The only thing that should be observed is the amount of data that’s being used, especially if a lot of text messages are sent from the phone while using the free service. Text messages tend to take up data, but there is a way to make the data go further.


Connecting to Wi-Fi service of any kind is a great way to get more data from the free cell phone plan, especially since there is only 200 MB of data included. Once 100 MB of the data has been used, the automatic top up will kick in if it hasn’t already been turned off. Those who do turn off the automatic top up will just be charged for additional data that they use once they have depleted their entire 200 MB of data.


Anyone who doesn’t want to go through the hassle of constantly connecting to Wi-Fi service may choose the unlimited everything plan for $19.99 that also includes all the 3G data that one can use. Although there is 1 GB of 4G LTE data, the 3G data replaces the 4G data after it’s used up, which gives the customer as much data as they need.

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  1. The unlimited everything plan also includes unlimited text messages and talk time, so there is never a worry about the plan going over any limits when it’s being used. FreedomPop is offering a Wi-Fi service for five dollars monthly that can help those who need extra data. I would have said that the superiorpapers discount could be used monthly but I decided to hold back for a while.

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