David McDonald- Role in the expansion of OSI Group

David McDonald is the President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group. OSI is the largest food conglomerate in the world. It is operating in different countries either directly or through partnerships. Currently, the company is supplying its food products in 17 countries. In order to meet the high demand for its food products, it has employed about 20,000 employees and built 65 production plants in different locations. OSI Group which has a history of one century has been through a very interesting journey before it became the international company that we see today. It has taken the efforts of leaders such as McDonald to finally have it at the top of the world. It started as a butcher shop in 1909. It then moved into a one client business before it manged to move internationally and create a strong network for its products.

David McDonald has been working with this company for the past three decades. He is one of the people who has assisted the CEO to grow the company. As the COO, he is responsible for the coordination of all the activities of the company. Recent expansion plans which have been executed have happened with the full backing of McDonald. He has overseen the acquisition of major companies in Europe such as Baho Food and Flagship Europe which has since been renamed Creative Foods.

David McDonald has also seen an expansion plan of the company in the local market in the United States. OSI Group recently acquired a food production plant in Chicago that was formerly owned by Tyson Foods. This is just one of the step taken to ensure that there is sufficient supply of food products in North America from OSI Group. Other expansion plans have taken place in other areas such as Spain. OSI Food Solutions has increased the capacity of the common to meet the new demand for food products.

All these are efforts from David McDonald who has made sure that the company is operating optimally. He has worked with the CEO to make decisions which will see the company adopt sustainability as a key market driver.

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