Discover A Great Line Of Cosmetics With An Award Winning Brand

Makeup has been revolutionized with the creation of Lime Crime by female entrepreneur of the year, Doe Deere. She has transformed the dull dry colors of the traditional palette into trendy bright pastels that women crave. Her makeup is popular among both young women and guys around the world. Best of all, Deere offers products that are hypoallergenic and easy on the skin. Most women are searching for an organic solution to their beauty product purchases and a cost effective line of cosmetics that gives them confidence about their look. They leave you totally unapologetic about the way you look or feel.


How Lime Crime Was Branded?


Deere got her imagination for colors as a child, trying on her mother’s clothes and makeup. The dull boring colors of the late 90’s didn’t impress her at all. As a native in Russia, she made temporary tattoos popular by wearing them. Novelty tattoos became a fad between her peers and she began to sell them and learn the art of marketing. It would be her move to New York, and the inception into a rock band, that would lead her to create Lime Crime.


After design school, she married the soloist of a band and began to accept her unconventional way of thinking. Deere realized that women had a need for bold colors like Radical Metallic or Purple Sorbet.  Lime Crime is an exclusively based velvetine and superfoil line of eye shadow and lipstick shades. In fact, their products are completely waterproof.


You can get their exclusive products conveniently from their website. They offer great promotional offers for their first time customers and huge savings on the cost of cosmetics for their valued customers. There are now hundreds of tutorials from actual users that give you ways on how to mix, match, blend, and apply their products on YouTube. Women from around the world inspire you to be creative. If you’re interested in accessorizing their products, visit their sister company at Dolls Kill for fantastic clothing items, accessories, and shoes. Take the opportunity to be unique with the glitz and glare of Lime Crime cosmetics.

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