Dr. Mark Mofid Introduces New Surgical Techniques For Gluteal Augmentation

Plastic surgeons are often faced with a number of challenges as a result of the complex situations that arise out of a surgery that doesn’t go as planned. People who are looking to seek plastic surgery are often enlightened more about the kind of drawbacks that they are set to face, rather than the positive outcomes that can arise out of the operation. While it is important to let patients know about the potential risks because of how prevalent they are, doctors all over the world are now focusing on research that can help negate these risks so that their patients can have a better and more positive experience.

Dr. Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon that has been working to implement a number of improvements within the field so that they can offer a better range of services to the clients who come to them. As a plastic surgeon, offering the very best to the clients who came to him was always a top priority, but often, he would not be able to provide his patients with that assurance as a result of an inferior quality of surgical techniques or materials that he had to use. One of the surgical procedures that Dr. Mark Mofid decided to focus on was gluteal augmentation, which was one of the most widely requested surgeries that Dr. Mark Mofid would have to perform. Often, he was also faced with situations where patients would ask for bigger implants, but he would not be able to provide it to them because of the enormous risk that they would face as a result of it. Implants that were being often used would be with the person’s body and would skewer their overall body structure. After spending an extensive amount of time researching this surgical procedure, Dr. Mark Mofid was able to come out with an alternative that was better and a lot safer.

Patients from all over the country have been able to seek worry free gluteal augmentation that can give them exactly what they want without having to consider the downfalls that can arise as a result of it.