Eduardo Melzer Looks To Keep RBS Group A Family Business

Across the 21st century, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, better known as Duda Melzer has been slowly accumulating a growing level of importance at the RBS Group; Duda Melzer was born into the Sirotsky family whose patriarch Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho established the RBS Group in the 1950s and has always looked to have various members of the family working in important positions throughout the organization. Duda Melzer took the advice of members of his family and set out to gain global experience as a business leader by gaining an education and important work experience he could eventually take back to the RBS Group. You can visit his website,

An important part of the experience and education of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer was gained during his time at Harvard Business School where he not only gained a great deal of the education that forms the basis of his current work, but also formed a relationship at the school with Professor John Davis.

The Sirotsky family have been looking to develop their skills and investments to remain consistent in the 21st century with Duda Melzer leading the development of the eBricks group that has been created to handle as many investments as possible. As the family are looking to develop new technologies for their media business as Duda Melzer has established a fund of more than $300 million in a bid to make sure the RBS Group remains at the forefront of the media industry for as long as possible in the 21st century.

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