GoBuySide on Recruiting Business Oriented Candidates

Financial firms have struggled to reduce recruitment cost due to not bring candidates that are willing to work on demand. Unlike on-demand candidates, full-time permanent candidates are more costly due to transfer time from another firm, and time projects go unfinished, which leads to the loss of a client. GoBuySide, a lead recruitment platform in New York City, fixes these issues by finding workers who are highly skilled in their field, but also willing to work immediately if recruited. This leads to an open job position to be filled reducing recruitment costs. In addition, many financial firms fail to recruit top talent due to not hiring family oriented candidates. GoBuySide helps these firms find family-oriented candidates as they are more able to adapt to a clients lifestyle, creating a highly effective consultation between the firm and their client. This increases the revenue of the firm, due to more satisfied clients, which in return attracts new customers to the financial firm.

Furthermore, many firms have a decrease in their annual revenue for only hiring candidates from cities, which are not business oriented. GoBuySide uses a strategy of business oriented state hiring, such as New York. This is due to New York having the highest percent of on-demand finance, and business-oriented candidates. These candidates are highly skilled in the sector of investments, and private equity holdings.

Arjun Kapur has managed to secure more than two thousand clients in recruitment platform, GoBuySide since 2011. Kapur has also secured a taken network of over one hundred thousand talents. Due to the success of GoBuySide, their platform is located in over 16 counties, and 52 cities worldwide. Arjun Kapur’s platform has been trusted due to his extreme knowledge of business recruitment, and administration, due to his education from John Hopkins University, and Standford University School of Business. These clients who GoBuySide recruit top performing professionals for include, Fortune 500 clients, venture capital firms, investment firms, and private equity firms.

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