Graeme Holm Humbly Accepts An Important Honor For His Company Infinity Group Australia

Recent news has revealed that Infinity Group Australia has made the list of the 100 Most Innovative Companies in Australia and New Zealand. The group of 1,000 Australian companies that made it into the running were judged and put together by Inventium. Infinity Group Australia was founded by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker and is in business to work with Australians to help lower their debt and create the kind of wealth that they can take with them into their retirement. The company believes in bonding with its customers and builds close relationships with them in order to serve them better.


Graeme Holm was delighted to receive the award for his company and quickly gave plenty of praise to his team for their hard work and innovation in the industry. Infinity Group Australia came in as the 58th Most Innovative Company, and while the award was compiled by Inventium, it was given to the company by the Australian Financial Review. The list has been around for just three years shy of a decade and is the only list of its kind. More than 1.8 million readers will be exposed to the winners on the list, and finalists were picked out due to their ability to help their customers solve the problems they are in business to help them with.


Graeme Holm has been working in the financial industry for more than 15 years, and his passion for helping Australians to reduce their debt has been nothing short of contagious. He has been inspired to come to the financial aid of Australians by the way they have been treated by the Big four banking environment. He got to see this treatment first-hand when he worked in the Big four banking industry and was shocked to see so many people being left behind, so to speak. Holm has been recognized for his work in the financial industry and was singled out for his Customer Service Management with IQPC in 2018. He was also named as one of the MPA Top 100 Brokers in Australia and has helped countless Australians to build a solid financial plan.


Graeme Holm has been asked for his advice on many different matters, and he was questioned about what makes him a better entrepreneur. He answered the question in typical Holm style by offering advice. This advice was related to how he starts his day, and he does so by taking care of the most difficult tasks right away. He has learned that when he tackles the toughest things first, he is able to move through the rest of the day with a kind of confidence that makes everything feel so much easier. If he could travel back in time and give his younger self some helpful advice, he would tell himself to not deal with unethical people who have no integrity or sense of morality. He feels that just dealing with one person like this can have a large effect

on a person’s career and that the best thing an entrepreneur can do is to stay true to themselves and their mission in life.¬†Learn more:¬†