How Ryan Seacrest Became The Hardest Working Man In Hollywood

Some people hope to have one steady job in Hollywood. However, one famous name has almost ten steady gigs in Tinseltown. That famous figure, Ryan Seacrest, is often known as the hardest working man in Hollywood. Now, we will find out how Mr. Seacrest is able to juggle so many jobs without losing his edge.

Ryan Seacrest is perhaps best known as the host of American Idol. While Mr. Seacrest was already working in radio, it was hosting duties on American Idol that made him a household name. Today, Mr. Seacrest works on three radio shows including his hosting duties on American Idol. In addition to those four jobs, Ryan Seacrest also works the red carpet for E! Entertainment, hosts New Year Eve’s biggest event in Times Square, owns his own production company, runs a clothing line and manages The Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

During a recent interview with GQ magazine, Mr. Seacrest was asked how he manages his day. The famous host answered that he has learned to consolidate as many of his jobs as possible. That means that Seacrest will has his radio studio, where he hosts On Air with Ryan Seacrest, right across from his TV studio. Once his radio show is over, he can walk right over to his TV studio and handle his next job.

Ryan Seacrest starts his day at 5AM each morning. Form there, the multi-faceted host will be ready for his radio show at 6AM. From there, Mr Seacrest will either work on his production company which created, Keeping Up with the Kardashians or work on an American Idol taping. Sometime in-between radio and TV tapings, Mr. Seacrest finds time to work on his fashion line, Distinction.

Today, as mentioned in Men’s Journal, Ryan Seacrest continues to be a major presence on TV and radio. While not in front of a microphone or camera, he makes his presence known through his clothing line, production company and charitable foundation. As he continues on his career, Ryan Seacrest will continue to bring his energy to new outlets around Hollywood.

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