Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Continue to Spread Positive Works

Hussain Sajwani is one of those names which tend to show up again and again in the news. He’s continually working to spread positive messages and works all over the globe. And quite often it’s through his role as founder of the DAMAC. However, one needs to understand his past in order to properly appreciate what he’s doing in the present.

Hussain Sajwani and the DAMAC group are often associated with sprawling construction projects. But the origin of the DAMAC is far from what one might expect. Hussain Sajwani really had his big start with food production and distribution. If one goes into his most cherished spaces, it’s not uncommon to see plaques or reminders of those times.

It began back in the 1980s when Hussain Sajwani was providing catering services. This was long before he’d begun work on the DAMAC. Instead his focus was on helping feed the energy workers in Abu Dhabi.

According to CNBC, by the 1990s Hussain Sajwani found himself in a position to provide some help to a group in particular need of supplies. He was perfectly positioned to help feed American troops who were deeply in need of proper meals. This history might seem detached from DAMAC construction at first glance. But in reality, it’s the foundation of how Sajwani operates.

Bloomberg mentioned that by the early 2000s Sajwani was in a perfect position for expansion. He’d worked on humanitarian efforts and practical supply chains. This had given him the perfect perspective on what the growing economy needed. The modern version of the company really began at this point, in 2002. And it was turning an impressive profit by 2008. However, this is also the moment when the local economy as a whole took a significant dive.

His experiences in the past provided a means of protection for the newly formed company. He was able to navigate this rapidly changing economy in a way that few others were capable of. This has led to the present day where Sajwani isn’t just creating buildings.

He’s also pushing forward charities, and in particular looking to aid needy children. And his associations with the US continue to expand as well. He’s spent time with President Trump in both a business and more recreational atmosphere. All of which sets Sajwani in a position to help his local economy and the world as a whole.

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