Igor Cornelsen and What Motivates Him to Invest

Igor Cornelsen is one of the famous investment advisors in Brazil. He comes from Curitiba, Brazil. While at the age of 18, Igor decided to pursue a degree course in engineering at the Federal University of Parana. However, he decided to pursue a different course in economics two years later in the same institution. He was the best student in his class due to his calculating rates skills. His career journey started in 1970 after graduating and joining an investment bank.

Igor Cornelsen proved that he had the necessary skills and knowledge in the investment field. Because of this, he received a promotion to become one of the members of the board of Multibanco in 1974 where he became the CEO two years later. The Bank of America acquired Multibanco which made Igor seek other opportunities somewhere. He moved to Unibanco where he served up to 1985 before moving to Libra Bank PLC. While working at Libra Bank PLC, Igor came across several growth opportunities for himself. For seven years, Cornelsen served as a board member of the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. With all these experiences, Igor was able to start his investment organization. He currently works at his company as the investment manager.

Igor has some pieces of advice for those people who wish to invest their money in anything. He states that it is essential to understand some rules concerning investments before getting into one. According to Igor Cornelsen, investments have a lot of risks. Although one cannot be able to avoid risks, it is critical to reduce it significantly. Besides, one should not wait until it is late to invest. Once one knows what to do, they should invest as soon as possible. Investing earlier will enable one to achieve the highest returns on their investments. Cornelsen goes ahead to say that having an investment adviser can also help beginners to make their initial step in investment.