Israeli Ambassador, Daniel Taub Defies MP’s Comments

The Israeli ambassador to the UK, Daniel Taub on Monday visited Bradford city following what he termed as an invitation by the people of Bradford. In a recent speech, Bradford West MP George Galloway declared the constituency an “Israeli Free Zone” Taub according to the Telegraph said he would be using the visit to interact with religious leaders, councilors among other groups. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

The visit comes as a result of comments made by the MP for the constituency alleging that they would no longer accept any products from Israel to be sold in that part of the country. According to Taub, what he saw in Bradford was quite contrary to the statement made by the area MP. He told the Telegraph and Argus that he saw a lot of diversity in Bradford just from the short trip to the area.

“It is so exciting to see people from across different faiths, and cultural backgrounds can coexist together peacefully. This is the kind of model we have back at home” said Taub.

British Police are already investigating the comments made by Galloway which caused a lot of social media outcry across the country. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

The MP in his comments is said to have called Israel a barbarous and savage state and that Bradford would not welcome any tourists, academic experts, students or goods and services from them.

Addressing his comments through the Telegraph and Argus, the Israeli ambassador told the MP that the conflict in the Middle East was not about Shia or Suni, neither is it between the right wing and the left wing rather between the past and the future. “I would urge my friend Galloway not to be a person who tries to take the region back to the dark days, but join hands together for a prosperous future,” said Taub

Nonetheless, it is important to note that Galloway is not new to anti-Israel bigotry. He once walked out of an argument after realizing that one of his opponents was an Israeli. Taub’s visit to Bradford was accompanied by heavy security to avert any incidents.

While in Bradford, Taub made it clear that the area MP’s comments do not represent the entire people of Bradford and that he had visited the area upon an invitation by several groups of people including councilors.

He reiterated that he would visit the area any other time without fear. Daniel Taub has been Israel’s ambassador since 2011.