Lime Crime: A Cosmetic Line with A difference

From a young age, Doe Deere was attracted to art and color. That is what formed her interest in cosmetics and makeup. After a few attempts, Doe took up makeup invention full time in the late 2000s.

She posted experimental videos online and began to research on the online makeup brands. It was at that time that she decided to launch her cosmetics line. In 2008 she established her brand lime crime. Earlier in 2004, Doe registered the name on eBay for her Fashion line. The Company name came from her love of bright colored makeup products.

The name of the brand may be weird, but it is what has given her business the much-needed success. Doe Deere has received a huge following from the social media platforms. However, with success, Doe and Lime Crime received a lot of criticism. Even though the rumors and criticism have been negative, Doe has used that to market and grow her business.

Lime Crime has a primary goal of revolutionizing the makeup industry. Lime Crime is one of the first digitally operated makeup brands. The brand has grown and became a trend setter on the internet.

The interesting aspect of the Company is that the products are designed for a particular mood. That means that you can achieve any look with the makeup provided. The reason for success has been her beliefs about beauty. According to Doe, beauty is not about what looks best, but what feels good in the moment.

Doe has been a huge supporter of Women operated businesses. She believes that people should follow their dreams and ambition. Doe loves to mentor young people and entrepreneurs and encourages them to contact her. Deere has been invited to different events to inspire young women including Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and the PHAMExpo.

Doe Deere has a team of professionals that have helped her grow her company. On a typical day, Doe spends her time strategizing and creating new items in partnership with her creative director. Unlike most of the Companies, Doe insists on testing new products herself before she launches the products.

Knowing her brand and what it stands for is what has made her productive.

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