Lime Crime’s Colorful Founder, Doe Deere

Doe Deere was born and raised in Russia until the age of seventeen, whereupon she moved to New York City. Shortly thereafter the woman relocated to Los Angeles and it is where she lives to this day. She contributes much of her childhood influences to Russia and her life there before moving to the US. The amount of success and personal growth she has reached in the United States is astounding and continues to impress as time goes on.

Doe is the founder and CEO of the company ‘Lime Crime’, a cosmetics business that specializes in makeup that is both vegan and cruelty free. Her eccentric and colorful tastes come out in her beautiful cosmetics line, featuring all of her favorite hues. The company idea came about when Doe was trying to find the right colors to fit her wardrobe, which has always been inspiring in how rebellious and trendy her clothing choices are. . The company certainly lives up to it’s name, sporting beautiful neon makeup colors for every occasion.

Her business savvy and knowledge in marketing made Doe Deere’s idea a stunning reality. Doe was named one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs and when asked to comment on this amazing feat, she attributed much of her success to her supportive fanbase, all of who she fondly refers to as her ‘unicorns’. When queried on her choice of name for her supporters, Doe said she sees unicorns as a species outside of the norm and a creature that rebels against the status quo. Her fans, she says, are just like unicorns in that respect.

Lime Crime promotes individuality and creativity, two things that Doe Deere believes are very important to a good quality of life. Therefore, Doe’s cosmetics company is always looking for ways to make new shades and products that fit with every type of colorful personality. Lime Crime blazed a new trail when it came to makeup and continues to do so to this day, with Doe Deere’s guidance and imagination.

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  1. Because of the lack of brightness in regular cosmetic lines, Doe Deere decided the solution to her problem would be starting her own. Thus, Lime Crime was born. It may have included things that professional resume service has finally done to improve all things prior to being created.

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