Lung Institute – Non-Invasive Stem Cell Therapy For Easier Breathing

Finally, there is help for people suffering from pulmonary lung diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Emphysema, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Pneumoconiosis, Bronchiectasis and Chronic Bronchitis.

These debilitating lung diseases affect millions of people who are held captive by the inability to breathe. According to the Baylor College of Medicine, the process has been used for years if Bone Marrow Cell Transplant. This process if good, but not all people are candidates for this stem cell therapy. It is invasive, accompanied by discomfort, and the results are slow.

Today, the Lung Institute performs Venous Stem Cell Therapy. Check to see if you are a candidate for this treatment by talking to your physician, or contact the Lung Institute at 800-729-3065 and speak with a coordinator to ensure you qualify for this treatment process.

Once you are qualified, it is time to schedule your treatment at a Lung Institute location nearest your residence.

  • The procedure takes 2-3 days as an “outpatient”.
  • The patient arrives at the clinic on Day-1, prepared for the treatment and carefully monitored throughout the entire procedure.
  • The process used to remove the stem cells, treat, and return the stem cells back into the system is done through an IV.
  • Once the stem cells are returned, they immediately begin to replicate, producing new healthy cells that are distributed throughout the bloodstream.

Follow-up visits are required at scheduled intervals, either at the clinic, or the patient’s personal physician.

The Lung Institute website has detailed information on the process, plus detailed events online offering more detail. Read the patients’ testimonials on

Contact a Patient Coordinator by calling the Lung Institute at 800-729-3065. You may also visit one of the clinics six locations: Tampa, FL – 813-642-6417, Scottsdale, AZ – 480-378-6658, Nashville, TN – 615-988-1051, Pittsburgh, PA – 724-635-4202, or Dallas, TX – 214-935-1699.

Read more about stem cell here:

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  1. The process is repeated on Day-2, and Day-3 is the release day, ensuring the process was successful. The process is non-invasive, performed as an outpatient, and the results are instantaneous. It is possibly the last minute assignment that most people have been doing their own thing for as long as possible when necessary.

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