No One Does It Fabletic’s Kate Hudson

On the official website of renowned fashion brand Fabletics, Kate Hudson describes herself as the ultimate fashion tastemaker. Indeed no other description could be more befitting to the mother of two who is changing how fashion enthusiasts are shopping for their activewear apparel. Many know Kate Hudson from her role in the Hollywood blockbuster “Almost Famous, ” but it’s becoming clear that the actress is better in entrepreneurship than she is in acting. When Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler came up with an idea of providing tailored activewear clothes, they pitched the concept to Kate Hudson who agreed to partner with them to create Fabletics.


Kate Hudson commits a significant part of her time in growing Fabletics. She has to approve every design that the company comes out with. The actress is also the face of the Fabletics brand. If you research the firm, you will find out that most of Fabletics’ advertisements star Kate Hudson.


Before one becomes a member of Fabletics, they are encouraged to take a lifestyle quiz that enables the company to be known the taste and preference of each customer. The company has also employed a technique called reverse showrooming to get the specifications of each client.


The internet has become one of the best delivery channels for the company. With the internet, marketing and purchase processes are simplified. Even customers get to shop at their preferred time and from any location in the United States.


A lot of individuals prefer activewear to formal wear because it offers a lot of flexibility during workouts and also at the workplace. With the commitment of the designers at Fabletics, every customer can get something that works for them in different colors and textures.


According to Kate Hudson, the success of Fabletics is a result of the concerted efforts of the management and staff of the company. The actress has had to put in extra hours to ensure that everything is going on well in the enterprise. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler chose Kate Hudson as a co-partner because of her brilliant marketing skills and her understanding of the fashion world. As a woman who strives to keep herself fit, Kate is best suited to lead an enterprise that peddles workout apparel.


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