Online Trading Is Redefined By Wax And Malcolm CasSelle

Finding a safe and secure marketplace to buy and sell digital items such as cryptocurrency and video game purchases have been a difficult thing to do, but the Worldwide Asset eXchange is now building a strong following among digital business people. President Malcolm CasSelle has built an Online platform capable of self-regulating to make sure all items sold have a full provenance attached to them and can be tracked at all times.

Across the world, the rise of cryptocurrencies has been accompanied by worries over the security attached to the sale of these items but WAX is hoping to bring an end to these worries by self-regulating the marketplace. The security plan attached to WAX sees different groups buying and selling items divided into guilds which have the ability to appoint new leaders when they feel the reputation and value of a guild have been downgraded by less than perfect bookkeeping; transfer agents will specialize in the movement of purchased items and make sure each sale is properly recorded to protect the value of every asset attached to a guild.

These innovations within the Online marketplace are the latest to be undertaken by Malcolm CasSelle as he has made a number of career moves taking him to many up and coming companies looking to develop a stringer Online future for all. Educated at M.I.T. and Stanford in computer science, Malcolm CasSelle has been a strong advocate for building stronger ties between members of the video gaming community; Malcolm CasSelle took the fledgling Xfire social media network from its early days to have 22 million registered users developing a community based around a shared enjoyment of video games.

Over the course of his career, Malcolm CasSelle has developed his skills as a linguist to aid in his career choices which took him to different areas of Asia. Despite working in Hong Kong, Malcolm CasSelle did not leave behind his roots completely and took on a major role founding the NetNoir publishing group dedicated to addressing the lives and issues seen in the lives of many African-Americans across the U.S.

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