Ronald Fowlkes is a Leader in his Field

Ronald Fowlkes is a businessman and entrepreneur. He served in the United States Marine Corps and is a graduate of Army Jump School. He was a former member of the police department in St. Louis, Missouri, as well a team leader with the Swat Group for that department. He also has experience with the design, development and delivery of top quality gear for law enforcement and the military. Before his current position, Fowlkes found employment challenges as a Manager for Military Products Sales and Business Development at ITW and as the Business Development Manager at Eagle Industries.


His experience with First Spear began while serving in the military and as a law enforcement officer and found the products to be highly durable. He is associated with First Spear and is working to distribute the products. He markets the products aggressively and attends trade shows, as well to help showcase the products. He leads by example and keeps himself on track through lists. His free time is spent coaching youth sports, especially his children’s sports teams.


Fowlkes is the Director of Business Development at First Spear, a tactical equipment supply company. Fowlkes always tries to balance work and play every day. After seeing his children off to school, he arrives at his office where he takes care of phone messages and email. After a meeting with his team, he checks out the incoming orders to make sure everything is in place. He is all about team work and team work is the foundation of success. His business development team works with local and state law enforcement, as well as DOD (Department of Defense) to determine requirements for new products. The R&D (research and design) team works on the products based on the criteria incorporating state of the art technology.


Part of his success as an entrepreneur is through tracking everything. That exercise helps his to always know what tasks he has completed and what tasks he has not completed. He has leaned one thing in life and that is life is too short to carry regrets through life. Learning from mistakes is the best teacher in the entrepreneurial world and often the impetus to look for a better way to do something. It is also important to take on good people for the team and delegate tasks as necessary. It is impossible to do everything yourself and delegating tasks is where part of the team work comes into play.


Fowlkes also discovered it is essential to listen to others when formulating a solution. No one person has all the right answers all the time and the collaborative effort is also one of the mainstays of team work. Focusing on customers is essential when operating a business. A happy customer is that which drives growth. It takes a lot to build a business, but it takes very little to bring it down.