Sawyer Howitt Has Set a Strong Example to People Who Reach for the Stars

The entrepreneurial spirit is far more common than many people realize. But the people who’ve reached the full potential of entrepreneurial genius often have a lot to say about the subject. Sawyer Howitt is one of the more notable examples of this inherently notable group. He’s not just someone who’s made it big over the course of his life. He’s someone who’s been able to achieve his dreams at a fairly young age. As project manager for the Meriwether Group he’s had a chance to compare his own experiences to that of others.

Comparing his life to those currently struggling would convince Howitt to offer up some important advice to the world. Perhaps one of his most important advice has to do with the fact that he’s been able to accomplish so much at a young age. As such, he’s adamant that the best time to start to reach for the stars is right now. He’s pointed out that waiting for the right moment often results in people never getting started at all.

The rule might not seem obvious at first. But it all has to do with the whole concept of a perfect moment. Perfect moments can exist with simple things. It’s easy to stumble on the perfect meal, for example. But starting a business involves so many elements that nothing is ever going to fully align. It’s up to the budding entrepreneur to push against those factors until they’re finally right.

He also makes a strong case for focus. Most entrepreneurs are filled with a wide variety of great ideas. It’s easy to consider starting a company to accomplish it all. But when one concentrates on too many things at once then it’s essentially diverting mental resources. A business should begin in a way that allows one to put everything he or she has into it. The momentum of a new business is often the same as the momentum of a single person’s energy. Keeping focus keeps that momentum high.

However, Howitt also points out that a business involves people. He points out that it’s important to develop one’s people skills. Even if that simply means partnering up with someone who has them in abundance. He aso stresses the importance of hiring people who embody the spirit of the company one seeks to create.


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