Sheldon Lavin Serves Passionately as the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group

Behind every successful organization is a group of superb leaders who possess exemplary qualities that every leader should have. For instance, OSI Group has Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon Lavin has been serving at OSI Group for more than four decades as the chief executive officer. Also, he serves as the chairman of OSI Group. He was handed the two posts due to his exemplary leadership skills.

Background Check

OSI Group was once a small butcher shop that was launched by Otto Kolschowsky. Otto Kolschowsky is an immigrant from Germany who settled in Chicago, Illinois. The immigrants were many at the time, and the Chicago, Illinois population somewhat grew due to the huge number of people who decided to settle there.After settling for two years, Otto Kolschowsky identified the potential that lied in dealing with meat products. There and then, Otto Kolschowsky decided to open up a butcher shop that would later prosper to the extent that he was also able to expand his operations to Maywood, a Chicago suburb.A symbiosis between Two Organizations Takes Place. The symbiosis took place between McDonald’s and Otto & Sons. Otto & Sons came about after Otto Kolschowsky decided to turn the business entity into a family business. McDonald’s restaurant had a very high demand for meat products. Luckily, Otto & Sons were in a capacity to deliver the required amounts. Nevertheless, McDonald’s was growing at a very high rate, and Otto & Sons had to transport meat over long distances while maintaining the freshness of the meat products. Luckily, Otto & Sons got a breakthrough whereby liquid nitrogen had the ability to create a cool environment that would allow them to make sure that the various products would stay fresh while in transit.


Far from that, there also came a time Otto & Sons were constructing a plant meant to serve the McDonald’s entity. During this period, Otto & Sons were experiencing some financial constraints. Luckily, they were able to approach Sheldon Lavin who helped them to acquire financing for their project. Later on, since the sons of Otto approached Sheldon Lavin and he was appointed as the chief executive officer since he was well versed in the finance sector. Moreover, he was appointed as the CEO since the sons of Otto were approaching their retirement years. Since then, Sheldon Lavin has been serving at full capacity for the past four decades. Learn More.