Steve Ritchie Sees Papa John’s as His Career

Even when Steve Ritchie started out as an hourly employee, he knew he could make a career out of working for Papa John’s. He saw the potential for success with the company and knew that would help him connect with people who needed his help. He also felt there were things he could do that would make the company better no matter what he had to do to make that a possibility. There were many times when Steve Ritchie had to focus on his career instead of his personal life and that’s part of what made him such a successful person in the industry. He knew what he needed to do and knew there were things that would help him make sure he was doing everything the right way for Papa John’s. He always felt good about the opportunities he could provide his customers.

After Steve Ritchie Papa Johns realized he would work well as a supervisor, he began treating his employees the same way he treated his customers. He was respectful and tried to always make sure he could help them have a clear understanding of what he expected. As long as he knew what he needed to do, Steve Ritchie felt good about giving people these options. He felt confident in the skills he developed and continued pushing to make Papa John’s better for everyone who was a part of the company.

Now that Steve Ritchie is the CEO, he continues showing people they have a chance for success. He wants everyone to realize they’re getting a positive experience and they’re getting more than what others did in other situations. For Steve Ritchie, the point of doing this is not to make it harder for people to work for the company. In fact, it’s to make the company easier to work for. If Steve Ritchie can show people what he expects from them and what he wants out of the different situations, he’ll be making more out of everything he has to offer. He always wants people to see he’s doing things right and he’s coming up with positive opportunities for people to take.

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