Sussex Healthcare: A Leading Medical Needs Company

Sussex Healthcare, a healthcare company, that has more than twenty facilities to its name has been operating successfully for more than twenty five years now! The company serves both the elderly and those adults who need specialized care.

Elderly who typically call Sussex Healthcare home are those who need either 24/7 supervision, or those who require much less attention, and complete most of the daily tasks on their own, with little supervision or medical attention. The adults, not elderly, ranging fro young adult to mid-age who call Sussex Healthcare home struggle with cognitive as well as other medical issues. These adults typically need more attention on the daily basis.

Now, where do the elderly live or what are of Sussex Healthcare of they call home? Well, elderly live in one of the seven facilities, where they can either live in homes, which are just like regular, normal houses in which they complete all tasks on their own. These elderly living in these homes typically require very little medical attention, aside from getting little reminders here and there to take their pills or medication, or need exercise and daycare or recreational facilities on-site. There are also other elders living at Sussex Healthcare who require much more medical attention, which is what the caregivers and nurses at the company are here for. The adults who struggle with cognitive and/or other medical issues live in what are referred to as “multi-sensory rooms” which can be easily reached by nurses, caretakers, and staff for anytime, around-the-clock assistance and supervision. These areas also have spa pools for these adults.

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In addition to all of these wonderful services, the company also boasts a staff who are trained on-site, with the appropriate certifications and degrees, as well as a state-of-the art gym and daycare area for all patients to use on the daily basis, if they choose to do so.

The company also has other types of care for patients who may need it, such as “respite care” or “short break” care. This care is typically for those who just stay at the facility for a temporary basis, who later plan on returning home. In addition, the company also offers palliative care, for those just trying to have the best-quality life before their time ends. The company also offers dementia care. Many of the patients living there have dementia, and the company along with its staff try to provide the best and highest-quality care for these types of patients.

What a wonderful place to stay, for anyone needing its many services!

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