The Amazing Fyre Festival

Ja Rule has masterminded the music festival of 2017. The event lasts for two full weekends and has absolutely everything. There will be incredible concerts, art, amazing food and an exploration taking place on Frye Festival private island located in the Bahamas. Every guest who attends will be treated as nothing less than a VIP.

Although the specific performers have not yet been released, there will be something for every taste. Hip-hop, rap, pop and rock will all be featured on the island. The artists will collaborate and fans will have a personalized experience. You might even walk right into your favorite artist of all time. Learn more about Fyre Festival:

Treasure hunts with unbelievable prizes will be held on both weekends. Treasures worth over a million dollars include cash, jewelry and so much more. There will be even more to offer in addition to the concerts. Art installations, cultural leaders hosting informative talks, mouth watering cuisine and golden beaches complete the luxury on this private island.

The accommodations at the festival are the very best. Soft, comfy beds, a quality roof, wine and relaxation with your friends complete the picture.  Read more: Fyre Festival | Facebook

According to The DeBrief, Ja Rule’s connections inside of the music industry ensure an absolutely fabulous guest list and this weekend is going to be a combination of fun, extreme luxury and entertainment of the highest quality. The food is a key in this Fye Festival as it is only the finest of cuisine enjoyed on a private island.

This festival is all about enjoyment pure and simple. Seeing the gorgeous island, meeting all kinds of new people, immersing yourself in art, truly indulging in fine food and incredible music all come together to make this a phenomenal festival. This will truly be the festival of the year.

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