The Colorful Executive Life Of Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is a well accomplished female executive that should be admired by other female professionals. She was educated at the City University of New York in Brooklyn. She has spent the entirety of her corporate career in several positions in relation to human resources and recruiting. She has experience with negotiating contracts, creating recruitment filters and even hiring employees from all corners of the globe. She mostly lives in the Greater New York area, but is constantly traveling due to her international career lifestyle. She is also very interested in humanitarian issues, animal welfare and equality. She also has a personal interest in traveling, cooking, interior design, running, science and technology. Within her social media accounts, you will see that she enjoys her free time in cafes with friends or in bars with colleagues at night. She is an avid traveler and sometimes indulges in extreme sports like bungee jumping. You will also see that she takes great care for her cats and dogs. Within her Pinterest profile, you will she that she is interested in decorating her home in new and interesting ways. She also frequently follows new recipes on her profile.

If we take a look back to where she started, she worked as the Director of Candidate Placement for the Hudson law firm. She was in charge of the hiring process for new lawyers, paralegals, case managers and other supporting office staff. She gave new employees details of the working conditions, informed them about certain benefits and negotiated the salary. She had also been in charge of workplace conflict resolution, legal compliance, customer complaints, and customer to employee communication. In 2007, she had a major career change by being recruited by Citi bank. She started as an Executive recruiter and primarily hired high level roles in the legal, compliance, and auditing departments. She became well versed in utilizing online tools to improve the search for new employees. She instructed other lower level recruiters on specifications for open positions, revising the job descriptions and how they should plan out succession. In 2011, they moved her over to Citi Global Consumer Bank to handle international dealings. She engaged in recruitment for managers and directors for CitiCards and Citi Global Consumer Marketing. She dealt with an immigration issues that arises during international hiring. She had ended her career with Citi after over two years to move onto the New York Life Insurance Company.

Since Julie Zuckerberg has had such a rapid climb up the corporate ladder, the bank just had to have her as a part of their team. She has maintained the Executive Recruitment Lead for over three years. She recruits managing directors for multiple branches including global technology, infrastructure, and asset management. She counsels other executive directors on goals and strategies for their recruitment projects.

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