The Efforts of Hussain Sajwani, Founder and DAMAC Properties’ Chairman, to Empower the Arab Community

Hussain Sajwani is United Arab Emirates’ citizen, founder and Chairman of DAMAC Properties. In the Forbes 2017 Global 2000 list, DAMAC properties was ranked number 1.

Hussain Sajwani’s efforts towards social responsibility causes

DAMAC Group and its Chairman and founder, Hussain Sajwani endeavored to form DAMAC foundation in a joint effort to fulfill His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s wish of making the world a better place through development of learning and relevant skills.

The primary objective of the foundation is to foster education and learning across the Arab community.

In a corporate social responsibility statement, DAMAC Property and its owner feels that it is important to give back to the community. The community has given them so much. They are dedicated to unlock the potential of growth of the Arab community by enhancing Arab’s skills through education. It goes on to state that this is the path their Chairman would wish his children to follow.

Both Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Properties are philanthropists and have contributed to charity organizations and causes. For instance, they support Emirates Red Cresent, Dar Al Ber Society as well as Dubai Cares. The Sajwani’s family have embraced philanthropy principle in their value system.

DAMAC Properties and its owner are working to see to it that the vision of a greater future is realized. One of such efforts is the founding of One Million Arab Coders’ Initiative.

One Million Arab Coders’ Initiative

The initiative is a venture that looks to develop students’ programming and software development skills. The initiative is expected to run in a period of two years through different phases. Specialized software and programming curriculum is being offered after every 3 months.

The Mohammed bin Rashid Global initiatives is a foundation that is promoting and supporting education programs throughout the Arab world. The One Million Arab Coders’ initiative is one of the foundations’ efforts to spread education across the Arab community.

The initiative’s aim is to equip One million Arabs with programming skills that will help them get employment in the future. The mission will be realized through offering them online courses and certifications. The following developer tracks are being offered: Data analysis, Android development as well as Front and Back End Web Development.

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