The Morning Make-Up Routine Of Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere

Lime Crime cosmetics company founder Doe Deere has a basic morning routine she follows every day to help her look her best and prepare for the often high-pressure business world. Deere explains that wakes at 8:30 a.m. without the use of an alarm clock. She says it’s important to her that she get her 9 hours of rest daily. A self-described morning person, Doe Deere begins her day by drinking a glass of water to make sure she is properly hydrated. She then spends a few minutes doing her stretching exercises before heading down to her kitchen to prepare a breakfast of grits, fresh fruit, yogurt and orange juice freshly squeezed from fruits grown on her own orange trees.

Doe Deere has a leisurely breakfast in her kitchen while looking out the window and mapping out her day after checking the calendar on her phone. It’s during that relaxing time she often comes up with ideas for new beauty products. She also touches base with her staff to get updated on what’s going on in the office. Once she has finished her breakfast and has an idea of what her day will entail, she puts on some of her favorite music and begins her beauty and make-up regimen.

For Doe Deere the process begins with a mild, rose-scented Glossier face wash. She then applies her moisturizer. “Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence’ by Murad is her choice these days. Next comes her foundation. Currently she uses either ‘True Match Foundation by L’Oreal or if she plans on going out, ‘Studio Fix’ by MAC. However she is working on creating a foundation to add to the Lime Crime line that she hopes to release in the near future. After using powder to set her make-up, Doe Deere go on to her brows, cheeks and lips.

For this stylish business executive, putting on her lipstick and blush are parts of her make-up routine that she enjoys the most. Deere usually goes with a blush that’s pink or red. She combines that with lipstick that’s either bold red or hot pink because those colors bring her face to life. For this she uses Matte Velvetines from the Lime Crime line in colors like rustic, pink velvet or red velvet. The entire process of putting on her make-up lasts between 15 minutes and an hour, depending on how spectacular she wants to look and what’s on her schedule.

The time she spends on her makeup is Doe Deere’s favorite, because she’s free and can enjoy some time alone before her busy schedule takes over her day. Once her make-up is done, she can use her curling wand on her amazing purple hair and creates the shiny waves for which she is known and lets them hang down. After spending a few minutes petting her adorable Persian cats, Doe Deere normally gets to the office about noon ready to spend as many hours as necessary meeting with staff and helping make the world brighter and more colorful.

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