The Power of Securus Technologies in Preventing Crimes

I am a part of a crime scene investigative team that was recently on the hurt for a very dangerous fugitive. This inmate was able to walk out of the prison dressed as a construction worker and no one noticed until inmate count. This was an inmate in for life who has a very violent history, and if he is cornered, he will have no trouble taking a life. Every person in our community was in danger.


To help with the investigation, I raced back to the prison to collect evidence. During that visit, me and my team were shown the new Securus Technologies inmate call system, and I was immediately intrigued about how it might be able to help with our investigation. The system monitors inmate calls and can identify certain conversations across a number of channels. My thinking was that if another inmate was hinting about who is helping the inmate or where they are hiding, I would break the case wide open.


This was not your average call system, Securus Technologies is a first-rate operation that is based in Dallas Texas and has over 1,000 employees. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, says all his employees are working towards one goal, making the world safer for everyone. That was exactly my hopes as we scanned the call system for any hits. It didn’t take long before we discovered an inmate who was bragging about his part in helping our suspect to get away that evening.


Listening to the inmate calls, we were able to discover who was going to be waiting outside the jail, and we immediately began to search for that person and the vehicle. When we found the vehicle parked in a driveway, surprising both the driver and our suspect at the same time.


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