The Reality about Freedom Checks

Recently the term “Freedom Checks” has been circulating on the internet. What is this check and why is it free? A man named Matt Badiali coined up this term and in a recent article posted on May 4th on the Release Fact website, Amanda Peters helps us understand who Matt Badiali is, the reason for the confusion, and explains the principle behind these Freedom Checks.

Matt Badiali started his professional career as a Geologist receiving his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Geology and Earth Science from Penn State and Florida Atlantic University. Matt is currently a Senior Analyst that focuses on natural resources for Banyan Hill Publishing. As a natural resource expert, he was hired to investigate many gas and oil companies all over the world from Hong Kong to Switzerland to report to his investors that these company’s financial statements match the natural resources on site.

During his extensive research and investigations, Matt discovered some investors were receiving large sums of dividends tax-free, for many years. This dividend is the term that Matt coined as “Freedom Checks”. These dividends are legally paid out to investors through MLP (Master Limited Partnerships) through a Statute that Congress enacted in 1987 called Statute 26-F. Although this statute was originally introduced in 1981, only the elite investors truly knew about this hidden statute. Read this article at

In the excitement of sharing this hidden gem to the American public, Matt was introduced in an article holding a large check resembling a check from the government as a refund check with the words “Freedom Checks”. The confusion started with his image and when an average person reading the context of the ad, it further fueled the confusion and one might think it is a scam because they did not fully understand what he was trying to communicate or sell.

Most people probably did not even pass the first few paragraphs, because if they did, the newsletter eventually gives a detailed account of how to receive these free checks. However, trying to decipher through the lengthy newsletter was time-consuming, but ultimately Matt was trying to sell subscriptions to his, The Real Wealth Strategist, newsletter. If you subscribe, you can gain Matt’s knowledge and invest in companies offering these dividends tax-free.

The article concludes of Peters giving a practical advice of doing your own research before investing. However, she also claimed that even though an investment opportunity may seem overhyped or sensationalized does not necessarily mean it is a bad opportunity. Research and decide for yourself is a great advice. Visit: