The Role of Betsy DeVos in Educational Transformation

It is no longer a secret that Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick DeVos are attracting attention courtesy of their philanthropic giving roles they. They have been giving donations in the various sectors of the economy. Such include education and politics. The family is estimated to have issued over $139 million in their entire lifetime.


The generosity and kind gesture by the DeVos family have kept the family in the limelight for quite some time now. In 2015 alone, the couple gave out over $11.6 million towards charitable organizations. The amount is almost twice the amount that she gave as campaign donation worth $5.3 million. The DeVos interest in educational reforms cannot be ignored. The two have allocated over $3 million towards educational activities on the ground. In the year 2015, over $3 million was addressed to educational cause in the area. The amount accounted for a third of the total donation that the firm made that year. Apart from issuing cash support, the Devos family gave another $357000 to be given as gifts to various groups supporting educational reforms in the nation. The vast amount of money spent here can only prove one thing, the willingness by the DeVos family to achieve greater results.


But why is the DeVos willing to make such a massive investment in education? The DeVos believe that the current system of learning does not work towards the realization of the American dream. Put in simpler terms; the school is continually churning civil rights problem in the society and to the economy. To solve this, you have to ensure that students get a better environment for learning. A favorable environment enables the student to interact with the parent and the teacher freely. The family believes that the primary solution to this menace is by having a permanent solution that will help ensure the educational reforms set will be achieved in no while.


One of the major investment that the DeVos have made in the educational field is the Aviation-themed Charter School. The school is located in the Gerald Ford international airport. The school prefers to give the opportunity to the less fortunate in the society to develop a career in life. The program gets its students from the three neighboring counties. Some of these students walk for over an hour just to get to school. At least 86 percent of the students who join the school make it to graduation. The first cohort graduated 15 pilots. These pilots are the symbol of comfort, hope, and satisfaction to their families.


As players in politics, Dave and Betsy have been actively involved in the funding operations of Republican activities. Led by the Dick’s father, the elder senior has contributed over $104 million towards this project. The figure is among the highest that any single politician has been given back to the new family.


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  1. Development is what is key to everyone and the best time to do so it is now when young people deserve much more in this area. There is nothing like being barred because of their backgrounds. So right now everyone is given equal opportunities which is interesting to see because that is the essence of the reform.

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