Things you need to Know about Lee May

Lee May has played a major role in the management of the Beamridge firm. The firm was established in 2013 and Lee has played a significant role in bringing up innovation in the firm. Besides focusing on the company, Lee has also taken part in many philanthropic activities, with his recent focus being the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. Lee May will conduct a 10k run to aid the boxing club towards buying a minibus for their daily activities. He has encouraged a vast number of people to participate in the run to raise more funds to ensure that the club keeps operating as well as improve their activities.


Besides, he insists that the Beamridge firm will collaborate with the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club to ensure that their young participants acquire detailed training to prepare them fully for the clubs activities. The participants look forward to participating in the European and tournaments as well as the domestic ones through which they will acquire more skills and insight towards their career.


Besides, Lee also insists that the funds will also be sued to help the participants acquire strong values towards developing their career besides benefiting from the family`s atmosphere through which they can motivate each other towards achieving the best.

Lee May has always been passionate about mentoring young people to help them achieve their dreams and his contributions towards growing the young people1s careers has been noted through his contributions. Besides, Lee is also dedicated towards the boxing clubs, and he is a huge fan of the latter. In his recent advocations, he looks forward to raising over $20k to ensure that the upcoming boxers carry out their boxing activities in a conducive environment.


Additionally, Lee has always shown a passion towards innovation, and he has strived to come up with new ideas to ensure that his ventures succeed in implementing their goals. The Beamridge firm has grown tremendously since its establishment, and he has served as a role model to many young people through his major achievements. He looks forward to mentoring and helping many people to achieve their goals in the coming future.

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Lee May, UK Advisor to Beamridge Ltd, Uses Prosperous Career to Help Community