Why Can Gold Help You Handle Italy Banking Crisis?


As an adult, you are ultimately responsible for your financial well-being. It is not the government or a Fortune 500 company that will pay your bills. Gold can help you gain the security, you need to control your destiny.


You don’t know if a government check will show up, on time or not. There are blizzards which even prevent the post office delivery men from getting through. Learn why some of the 2017 Italian banking problems might increase the demand for gold.



Italian Banking Problems


Ever since 2008, the Italian banks have been struggling with bad debt. In fact, the number of non-performing loans in Italy are off-the-charts. The Italian banking crisis is likely to pick up speed in 2017.


It is like a “leaky roof,” the longer that you allow it to go on, without fixing it, the worse it gets. In 2017, the problems are nearly a decade old. Monte de Paschi, one of the oldest Italian banks (and oldest in Europe going back to the time of Christopher Columbus) is basically bankrupt.


“Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!”


In 2016, the citizens were given a referendum, allowing them to change the Italian Constitution to deal with the banking problems. The Italians followed the British and voted “NO!”


The problem with Italy is that it is many times larger than Greece. Thus, the European Central Bank will have a tough time dealing with it. Furthermore, one Italian bank collapse could lead to others failing. This could also reach America.



Gold Bars Are Wealth


When their gold bars are gone, they are bankrupt. You can do the same, by purchasing gold coins from the US Money Reserve.


If an Italian bank that has existed for centuries can go under, what is safe? Gold. Even if the Italian banks crumble, gold will remain. It will simply change hands.

Purchasing gold coins today from the US Money Reserve today, can help you withstand the troubles of 2017!

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