Why Does US Money Reserve Believe Gold is Better Than BitCoin?

The best financial portfolio is like a seven-course meal. You have a little bit of everything for superb diversification. Besides paper stocks and bonds, you might want to consider gold or BitCoin for your asset portfolio. Why does US Money Reserve believe gold is better than BitCoin?



What is BitCoin?


Every financial system requires a medium of exchange. Most central banks still use gold bars. Computer programmers invented BitCoin as a way to make peer-to-peer online financial transactions easier.


On October 31, 2008, a programmer named Satoshi Nakamoto created the BitCoin cryptocurrency. The irony is that with all of the advancements of digital technology, it is still very difficult for one individual to transfer money to another. Usually, an intermediate credit card or monetary payment system is still required. BitCoin tries to solve this dilemma.



BitCoin Flaws


Although, Fortune has asserted that some 15% of banks will add block chain to their online transactions in 2017, this might be rather hard to accomplish. The “primary weakness” of block chain is its “greatest strength” – “the block chain accumulates all transaction data.” Thus, if you had a BitCoin transaction in 2010, it is still recorded in the block chain.


What is wrong with that? It would be like carrying all of your file cabinets (with your tax records, invoices and such) with you, 24/7/365. It simply is not practicable.



Gold is Trustworthy


You don’t need to be an experienced programmer to understand gold and silver coins. You can see, touch and weigh them. You can also search for Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) certified coins.


There are beautiful PCGS certified coins on the new US Money Reserve website. Relive American history and add some real wealth for a “rainy day.”


Who doesn’t appreciate gold?


Besides high-tech computer programmers, most people still don’t really understand the BitCoin cryptocurrency. Thus, they are unlikely to use it. It will be very difficult for 15% of banks to incorporate a technology, which most consumers still don’t understand.


Do central bankers hold BitCoin bars?




Gold will always be an acceptable medium of exchange. At the US Money Reserve, you can find real beautiful gold coins.


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  1. Gold has a long distinguished history, like your experienced grandfather; BitCoin is only a naive baby. Central bank actions continually confirm that gold is real money. This could be a way for them to rush an essay now that there is slash of price.

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